Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday night I made eye-contact with John Krasinski three (3!!!) times. Whooooooooooooaaaa!!!!
Let's backtrack a little.

So, I was working the box office at Neumo's tonight when my homie, Natalie, informed me that she saw Jim from The Office at The Crocodile yesterday. Apparently he's in town hanging out with Ben Gibbard. Whatever. I promptly freaked the fuck out, because I, like every other woman in America, am completely in love with him.

After I made her tell me everything about it, we realized that he was probably still in town, and maybe he was on the hill. Perhaps at the Cha Cha? And at that magic moment, who should show up but Cha Cha regular Jon Cairns. I asked him if he'd been at the Cha Cha. and if he'd seen Jim from The Office. Jon had no idea who I was talking about. I then asked if he'd seen Ben Gibbard.

"Oh, yeah, " he said. "He's at the Redwood with a couple of other dudes."
"Like, maybe Jim from The Office?"
"Yeah, I guess so."

That was all the information I needed.


The moment I finished my shift, me and Natalie were gone, man. We walked to the Redwood so fast we nearly left our hair behind. We were two women on a mission.

So, we got there and the place was totally packed. My buddy Aaron was checking ID's at the door, and I stopped to talk him up for a minute. But as I was talking to him, I noticed that the man behind him had a very familiar neck. Like, maybe I've seen it every Thursday night at 8:30 for the last three years. That's right. It was the neck of one John Krasinski. Sweeeeeet!!

He was totally posted up, so we didn't get a good look until he went outside to smoke. Natalie and I quickly conferred and decided that the best course of action would be to follow him, as it is not a successful stalking if you don't do some following. So we went outside and that is when we made eye contacts numbers 1 and 2. Eye contact number three came later when we were all back inside, pretending to ignore him again. I cannot tell you what passed between us in those brief moments because it is private and it belongs to me and Jim from The Office. All I'm going to say is that there may have been some eyebrow action. And maybe a touch of fear.


Erin said...

i hope you both eyebrowed, because you both do it well.

Kewl Magik said...

i have met him before chelsea and i didn't like him

but i was really wasted

he is my friend danny's old roommate

i went to a party with him that was fireman themed and they were dressed up like firemen

Callie said...

Man, this totally beats the time I saw the interior design fag from Queer eye at Pony. You totally win.