Saturday, May 3, 2008

I don't read music blogs. There's too much to deal with! Too much new material to assimilate! Remixes, mash-ups, fan videos. Ugh. I find the entire prospect quite daunting. So it can take me a while to catch on to the hotness. Which brings us to our subject, Wiz Khalifa.

Look at that baby face! How old are you, Wiz? Wikipedia says he's twenty-one, but I am skeptical.

I really love Youngin' On His Grind. It came out September of last year, but I only found out about it a couple months ago (I never said I was an early adopter, you guys. In fact, I have often been heard to claim the opposite). This song has what I believe to be the ultimate hip hop chorus.

Money on the mind,
Hustlin' all the time.
All about the paper
Cuz the youngin' on his grind.

What else need be said? Nothing, that's what.

Apparently he's from Pittsburgh. In the aforementioned jam he shouts out Pistol-vania, which, if my map is correct, is somewhere near Connecti-cut-your-fucking-face.

Click here to check out the jam!


Garrett said...

I think he's referencing former Pirates utility infielder Sammy Khalifa, which is amazing. It'd be like a Seattle rapper naming himself Wiz Quinones.

Now I'm probably going to spend the rest of lunch coming up with old Mariner players to incorporate into rap names. Mike Kingery will figure prominently.

Chelsea said...

i am an avid sports avoider and have nothing to contribute on this one.

wait.... King Griffey?