Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Right Now

I am listening to Tha Carter III.

Fucking finally.


Garrett said...

What do you think? My favorite so far is "Let The Beat Build."

Chelsea said...

it's fucking weird, and maybe a little too concept heavy, but i'm into it. i like "let the beat build", "la la" (i love david banner beats), and "phone home" is great if you ignore the chorus. honestly though, i wish that he had ignored the leaks and put some of those older tracks on the album. i think it would have balanced it out, to a degree.

salts said...

i'm posting this here because i don't want to post on the slog, but i just want to let you know that i enjoyed your guest spot on the slog. i think slog readers forget that not everything has to be a super heavy topic; sometimes it's nice to read something light and funny that makes you smile. and that is exactly what your posts did for me. so thanks! and keep up the good work.

Fnarf said...

I'm posting this here, too, because I don't think you'll read it over there.

What happened there was that upon hearing of this experiment -- guest sloggers from outside the community -- everyone immediately started licking their chops at the prospect of attacking you. Look back at that first post and you can see it. I did it too. It was FUNNY.

Once you got here, it didn't really matter what you wrote or what you were like. People were going to shred you; it was a game.

My game, on equally slim evidence, was to go the other way and defend you, which was, to be honest, not really from the heart but intended to ramp up the intensity of the game, by setting up potential conflicts with evil motherfuckers like Poe and Jubilation.

Which was fun.

But Chelsea, what you should do to turn us into your fans is play along. Don't take your ball and go home; jump into the fray. Mr. Poe and Mr. Cornball are, while admittedly totally evil, are actually very nice and very funny fellows.

And I can tell from your writing that you're normally (when you're not being shredded into lint) a bright, perky, charming young lady. There isn't anyone here who doesn't like bright, charming young laydees -- though perky is always going to be a tough sell on the cynical Slog.

Did we go too far? Yes, of course; that's part of the Slog Style Manual. Day before yesterday I went too far and celebrated the horrible death of 23 players (and others) of his favorite football team in a jolly little song. This song's sole purpose for existing is enraging Man U fans, and it was mean of me to sing it here. But I did, and Jube will never forgive me.

Except he will. And no doubt he or someone else will probe and find my weak spot and make me cry someday too. It's a form of play. If we went too far in attacking you, I'm sorry, even though I was doing more defending than attacking. I can tell we hurt your feelings, and that sucks. I will continue to defend you there, because I think you're swell, and I want you to finish out your month.

Chelsea said...

salts: Thank you. I appreciate it more than you know.

fnarf: The crux of it is that I don't condone that type of behavior, and I want no part of it. Ribbing is one thing, but at Slog it seems to go too far more often than not. I appreciate your support (you're one of the good ones) but I have no desire to be involved in that mess.

Maxine said...

Hi Chelsea. Sorry to see you get shredded at Slog. Those guys are jerks. Don't let it get you down, though. They were just jealous no one asked them to guest Slog.

24KGLDFCE said...


do you. seattle is a cold, joyless place filled with cold and joyless people. i do not miss the insular, overly-educated, passive-aggresive and torpid mess that is your home.

that you were invited to guest blog on the wasteland that is the slog speaks to the difference of your voice and person, and clearly to an effort on the part of the stranger to rise above the useless shouting and gross cuff-tugging that is their product: stunted writing by stunted people who contribute nothing, and those trying to get their attention.

the anonymity the internet affords seems to attract those who feel the most powerless, and who need that voice the most. you, however, are not a useless classics major, nor are you the last election, the dismal weather, a shitty job that allows one to actually read and comment on that shit as it's posted, or whatever small and miserable existence justifies the kind of behavior exhibited in the comments on your slog posts. that someone would come here and attempt to tell you to play along with their "game" leaves a sick and heavy feeling in my guts. what a fucking joke.

you are brilliant, and i adore you.

Monique said...

Miss Chelsea,
As much as I LOVE Seattle, I have to agree with Keehnan's assessment of some of its residents. While I consider them a small portion of our fair city, they can be enough to ruin it for everybody. It's kind of like Ice-T on Law&Order SVU. He doesn't have a lot of screen time, but when he's on he fouls up the whole damn thang!

Belly said...

I have to disagree with what monique said about Ice T on SVU. He is the icing on that shit cake.