Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Serious Query

Mayor C. Ray Nuggets and I have a question to ask you: Which is weirder, this video (embedding disabled, which is straight up cold blooded. But please bear with us and click through. We want this issue settled.) or this one?*

I really want you all to leave your opinion in the comments. (That includes you, Ms. Williams. I would like you to share with the class today.)

Also, we thought about including the following in the runnings towards becoming America's Next Top Super Weird Music Video, but decided it was in a solar system of its own.

* Remember when Busta Rhymes presented a VMA with Martha Stewart while wearing a crazy red Man-frock? I miss that dude. I feel like he was the Samson of weirdness and when he cut off his dreads his powers disappeared.


This Is A Test said...
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Garrett said...

Busta for the video, OutKast for the song (still the song of the decade). Great, great point about Busta's dreads.

(I accidentally changed my display name in the course of setting up a blog to help a friend with an RSS feed problem. Not my most tech-savvy hour.)

mrlove1998 said...

The first video explains what happens when you get so much money it makes you crazy and then you make videos like this. I thought it was very imaginative and funny.

The psychodelic second video is a classic example of the residual effects of LSD on the Boomer generation. And a favorite group of the 60"s.

term papers and essays said...

Busta's trck is way way better, isn't it?? I think so, IMAO!! His version is so cool for me