Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brain Candy! A Semi-Liveblog

Have we ever talked about my fear of transportation? Basically, any mode of transport that is not the feet I came from the womb in possession of makes me nervous. That nervousness increases exponentionally in relation to the speed at which that mode of transportation travels. like this:


Feet being totally fine, airplanes being screaming hysterical abject terror.

I am flying to New York City tomorrow, so like any responsible American who is lucky enough to have health insurance, I schlepped my ass to the doctor and asked for some anti-anxiety meds. She obliged. I took one 20 minutes ago as a test run. Let's see what happens!

1:10- I feel pretty good. I don't like to think about my actual, physical brain too much, but I think it feels slightly different. But nothing is stressing me out. I should do something about that, in order to truly test my response to the drugs.

1:14- I just turned the TV on in an attempt to let Fox News have its way with me, but that particular channel is not coming in today. Turned it to Headline News. They were talking about Dems possibly booting Lieberman, and instead of the wave of glee I was expecting, I just felt okay with it.

1:16- Oooooh, Palin's on CNN!! this oughta do it!!

1:17- All I feel is confusion as to why people are still asking this woman questions.

1:20- Seriously. Why? I'm gonna go google image search something

results for "funnest thing ever"

Jared Padalecki?!?! I could not possibly disagree more. Jess Mariano FTW

That thing looks pretty fun, kid, but I've got two words for you: Parachute Day.

results from "what should I have for lunch?"

Dude, it's not that hard.

I would very much like to.

1:30- I feel nothing inside. Mission accomplished!!

I'll add more today as the need strikes me.

2:51- Landon just told me I looked dull eyed. I want a pizza.

3:32- How do medicated people get anything done? I just moved the cursor around and stared at it like I wasn't the one controlling it for a full three minutes.

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