Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mini Donkeys

I have an imaginary pet. It's incredibly convenient. My one bedroom apartment is never too small for her and I never have to walk her. She's an English Bulldog, which would normally run me about $1500, but since she lives in my head, I got to waive that fee. But Miss Nomi Malone just ran into some competition. This week I found out about miniature donkeys.

Now, I love all things tiny. You can increase any object's cuteness by shrinking it. That, my friends, is scientific fact. And while full-sized donkeys are not necessarily cute, miniature donkeys are about the cutest thing since the birth of Cinnamaroll. In Addition!!! there is a mini donkey breeder in Texas that names all of their donkeys after country music superstars!!!!! Whooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I have chosen Aaron Neville as my imaginary pet mini donkey, and I have decided that he and Nomi Malone are BFFs a la Milo and Otis. Awesome!!!!

(little boy included for scale. He is not one of my imaginary pets)

Look how cute they are together!

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