Thursday, March 6, 2008


Viggo Mortenesen looks like a hobo.

I use a picture of him looking a little schmancy to illustrate that he doesn't look homeless the way, say, the Olsen Twins used to look homeless. By which I mean actually dressing as though one is homeless. No. What I'm talking about here is more a hobo-ness of the soul. Look into his eyes. Those, my friends, are the eyes of a hobo. I see the same thing in Colin Farrell.

Colin Farrell is definitely a hobo, he just happens to have a lucrative job. These men's status as sex-symbols really bothers me, as it points out that women are gross, because both of those men are basically Gary Busey, as far as I'm concerned.

p.s. In researching this post I discovered a fascinating (fascinating!!) fact about Daniel Day Lewis. From his Wikipedia article:
Following The Boxer, Daniel Day-Lewis took a leave of absence from acting by putting himself into "semi-retirement" and returning to his old passion of woodworking. He moved to Florence, Italy, where he became intrigued by the craft of shoemaking, eventually apprenticing as a shoemaker for a time while his exact whereabouts and actions were not made publicly known.[11] While, as a consequence, little of these events are known, it has been rumoured that Day-Lewis, in return for room and board, instructed the master cobbler in acting. It has further been suggested that, following Day-Lewis' departure, the shoemaker took up a career as a traveling Commedia dell'Arte performer—a profession which has seen his earning potential skyrocket. Day-Lewis has refused to comment on the subject, simply stating that "Laurencino [the shoemaker] was a man of many gifts".

I love absolutely everything about the above quote, but my favorite part is that Laurencino the shoemaker is shrouded in mystery.


Erin said...

ewww, you are so right about these men. i do admit that i wanted so hard to see colin ferrel and jared leto make out in "alexander" and that's kinda gross, but i find your apprasal strikingly apt.

also, were you googling DDL to add him to this list, and the shoemaker story convinced you he had the soul of a ramblin' poet-shoemaking renaissance man-intellectualy motivated loose cannon instead of a hobo or was it unrelated?

Chelsea said...

that is exactly what happened!!

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