Thursday, January 31, 2008

What I'm Into Right Now, Pt. 2

In the last post I told you about the things that are keeping me from being depressed. Now I wanna talk about the things that take it to the next step up, which for me is Totally Fucking Stoked.

1. Black Mountain

(I used this picture because Black Mountain is a Beard Band, and I wanted to communicate that clearly. Of course, if a picture is worth however many words, this whole aside is unnecessary. I think I might be gilding the lily. Or whatever.)

A couple anecdotes about this band:
a) I've been a door girl for almost four years now (jesus!) and this is the only band whose set was so awesome that I had to buy their CD at the end of my shift. This is huge for me because I
hate pretty much everything, especially if it's forced on me, ear-wise. This was about two years ago, when they still had me selling tickets at the entrance to the showroom. Now I'm in what the owners call the Box Office, and I call a hole in the wall. I'm separate from the showroom, which is good because I don't have to suffer through whichever awful band is playing. It's bad in the winter though, because I am basically Outdoors, and it is balls-ass cold at night.
b) Last week I was working in the box office for the Cave Singers show when a man appeared in front of me. He was very tall, very lanky, and very bearded. Also, he had on one of those weird hats that I associate with that dude from The Black Crowes who married Kate Hudson. (Do you know what I'm talking about? I just googled the hell out of that dude and couldn't find any images of him wearing hats. Maybe I'm thinking Shooter Jennings. Anyway.) You know what? He looked like this:

So. Homie stands there for a second, looking at the set times posted behind me. "Oh, maaaaan," he drawls. "I'm at the wrong show!"
"What are you looking for?" I ask, not because I don't know, but because I try not to profile customers to their faces.
"Black Mountain."
"That's on Thursday."
"What day is it?" (YES!!!)
"It's Saturday, buddy."
"Oh! Well, at least I didn't miss them."
I tell this story to illustrate that Black Mountain will make you wanna smoke so much weed that you no longer know what fucking day it is. I have been listening to their new album, In The Future, three times a day. Today is Thursday. It's gonna be a fun night. I hope I see that dude in the hat at the show.

2. George Saunders

Mindy Kaling, one of the writers from The Office, also writes a blog called Things I've Bought That I Love. I love it, but more importantly, I've realized that her tastes are shockingly similar to mine. So I decided, after noticing that she mentions George Saunders kind of a lot, that it may be worth my time to check him out, right? Right!! He's great! So funny, so smart, so good. And just look at his little face!


3. Uli's Sausages

Madison Market, where I do most of my grocery shopping, carries a few types of these delicious sausages, but in order to get at their awesome and varied complete selection you have to go to their tiny little counter at the Market. Like most Seattleites, I never go to Pike Place Market. Tourists clog up the joint and walk way too slow. The Flying Fish guys make me feel stabby. Occasionally I'll dodge into DeLaurenti for some of their phenomenal fresh mozzarella, because that can be done without venturing into the real bulk of the market, but mostly, I've been avoiding the market entirely for the last 6 years or so. And I have been missing out. Me and Landon went down there a couple weeks ago and got the Mexican Chorizo, Sicilian Bratwurst and the Heavy Garlic chicken sausages. We then proceeded to eat nothing but sausage-centric meals for two full days and we LOVED IT. They also have some lamb sausages that I am dying to try. I will definitely be making a trip to the Market this weekend. Oh yeah, and this may or may not be Uli himself.

4. This Picture:

Have fun, you guys!

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