Friday, December 5, 2008

Cornel West, Style Icon

Cornel West, philosopher, scholar, pastor, all-around really busy person, has something to teach you that has nothing to do with race, religion or politics. Observe:

Here he is being adorable before dinner

With some lovely peeps at some sort of mixer:



Thinking really hard...

Y'know what he's not thinking about? What to wear. Because he wears the exact same thing every day. If it's cold, he wears a scarf.

If it's warm, he takes it off.

Especially if he is spitting hot fire. (Perhaps for this? Trust me, buddy, you really wanna check out that link.)

This has inspired me! I'm saying, fuck a wardrobe. I want a uniform. Do you have any idea how long it takes me to get dressed every day? Sometimes it takes, like, 45 minutes! It is fucked up. Too much of my mental real estate is taken up by this daily struggle.

So. With some help from Polyvore, I have created a mock-up of my new uniform.

uniform by roxy5moxy

I will be wearing this (or at least something that closely resembles this outfit) from here on out, or until I get bored. I'm wearing it right now! We'll see if I get me any smarter as a result.


Jamie said...

That's not bad for a uniform but you need to break up some of that black and white. It's too much.

Chelsea said...

breaking up the black and white would require thinking, which is exactly what i am trying to avoid. i would consider adding more gold, though.

Erin said...

i love the ascot tie, the watch chain, the hair, i love him. i say fuck the high-waisted dress and shit, and go with a three peice suit chelsea! I attempted it a year or two ago, but it was too hot for the summer. and i always look like a lesbian, so that went a little too far.

Chelsea said...

no one on earth makes suits that accomodate my boobs.

Erin said...

i had to get it tailored.worth it for the simplicity. right?

Anonymous said...

Do not even say that

Anonymous said...

Do not even say that