Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Love Love!

While Valentine's Day is basically a crock of shit, I do endorse any celebration of Love. In honor of that sentiment, here are two of my all-time favorite love songs.

This first one is for those in love, either with a significant other or with the Wu-Tang.

Here's one for those of us who love strippers. Specifically, this goes out to that Puerto Rican girl in Portland.

Have a fun day, dudes!


Garrett said...

I've never understood what Method Man is doing at the 3:10 mark.

Chelsea said...

as far as I can tell, he's checking to see if there's anyone on the roof.

Garrett said...
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Garrett said...

I think it's the tongue-flicking that gets me.

Anyway, Method Man may not even be the biggest romantic in the Wu. Check out Raekwon's comments to the New York Observer today:

[i]"It's a special day. It's a day to understand the person who means the most to you." So how to celebrate?

"I'm the type of dude who may be in a helicopter over the city having sex."[/i]

Anonymous said...

is that girl at UJ with the nerd glasses the puerto rican you speak of?

Chelsea said...

yes! that's the one! do you love her?

Chelsea said...

@ Garrett- the Wu is a loving bunch. and i really hope Rae makes good on that shit.