Thursday, February 14, 2008

What In The Hell Is Going On With Me?

I am pretty permissive with myself when it comes to Fun. Guilty pleasures aren't something that really exist in my world; my stance is that if something is pleasurable and doesn't hurt anyone, there shouldn't be any guilt, right? So I've allowed myself the occasional *NSync binge. If I wanna read a little Jackie Collins, no big d. But recently, I seem to be chewing a lot more Bubblegum than usual, if you catch my drift. What was formerly a sporadic indulgence has become my usual fare.

See how bad it's gotten? I can't even express my emotions without using a Lolcat!

I knew things were getting a little excessive when I caught myself reading a chick-lit mystery while listening to Britney Spears on my headphones. I was on the bus, and I realized that I was not stoked on the idea of being caught by someone I knew. Then yesterday. Yesterday things got serious.

Yesterday I put "Fergalicious" on my mp3 player. and "Girlfriend", by Avril Lavigne.

I now know the true meaning of Guilty Pleasure. I'm not guilty about liking crap, mind you. My guilt stems from a lack of balance. It used to be that I'd read a crap book as a break from all the Serious Literature I was really interested in. But, dudes. In the last two weeks, I read three Sheryl J. Anderson novels in a row. Here's the thing: an action is only out of character so many times. Do it enough and it is your character.

And you know what? That's fine. I am learning to accept me this way. I can love Hello Kitty and still be smart. I can listen to Fergie and still be a feminist. And you know what else? Sheryl J. Anderson is a really good writer! And so is Jennifer Weiner, goddamnit!

This might be a phase. Maybe I'll grow out of it, and I'll go back to reading Gogol and listening to abrasive music. But for the time being, this is how I roll. Fuck it. I love pop culture!


Caralee said...

you are going to be ok. you are just getting through something and you are the bomb. you should listen to some xiu xiu. maybe call scott goodwin? these things will tickle your brain.

Chelsea said...

i think i'm already starting to come out of it. thanks for the support, man.