Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Waldorf Toys

Landon and I sometimes joke that the real reason we want kids is so we can play with their toys. I'm not sure if he realizes that even if we had a kid right now, by the time it's old enough to move independently, the Wii will be hopelessly outmoded. So he should just buy one (a Wii, not a baby). What I want an excuse to buy, on the other hand, will never be outmoded because they are timelessly awesome. Waldorf toys.

How cute is that little fucker! I think I will just buy that one, actually. It's not so obviously a toy that I can't just put it on my bookshelf. Oh yeah, and it's called a Gnome Castle, which is possibly the cutest thing that's ever happened. One thing I will have to wait for baby-time to buy is the Rollercoaster:

When I was little those things were my favorite. They had them at the bank and at the doctor's office, and I used to covet them so hard. And as you can tell, I still find them fascinating. Ugh. Being a toddler is the shit.


Anonymous said...

did you know me(Aaron H) and john went to Waldorf school? it was just as cute and amazing as the toys until puberty then it was a big pile of crap. ah but looking back as they said I would I'm glad I went. fuck those wise wise hippies

Chelsea said...

i did know that, and i've always wondered if it had any profound affect on y'alls, or if you would have turned out rad regardless.

Michelle said...

Chelsea! I am a fan of your blog.
I have another truly material reason to have kids, this awesome set of cds that turns tunes from rock bands into instrumental lullabye albums. The series is called Rockabye Baby! So far I have seen bands like the Ramones, the Beatles, Led Zepplin, Nirvana, the Beach Boys, and today I found hiding in the stacks in my library, Nine Inch Nails! I am listening to the Nirvana album as I set up for my Baby storytime this morning and it's pretty good. It sort of has a creepy vibe to it, it almost sounds like they are using a toy piano. anyway, I can't figure out how to post a pic of one of the covers so I just put the link to the amazon image, http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/615NLbTwBrL._AA240_.jpg