Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lost In The Supermarket

I do pretty much all my grocery shopping at an all-natural co-op. I love it there; all the food is organic, or at least preservative free, which I am an asshole about. But frankly, I have some needs that they will not fulfill, like Gatorade and cheap frozen pizzas, so sometimes I go to one of the big chains. Today I was in search of a drink called Zenergize, recommended by Mindy Kaling in one of her amazing blog posts. It's like Emergen-C powder, only it's a tablet that you add to water. Like if Emergen-C and Alka Seltzer (which I also adore) made sweet love and produced a delicious vitamin baby. I was unable to find it, even though I looked in two grocery stores, a drugstore and a bodega. I think they just keep more shit like that in stock in L.A. But! I did find a couple of super fun beverages I was heretofore unaware of.

1. Lipton Tea To Go

I am so into this whole "to go" thing. My mom sent me some of those Airborne To Go packets, and for like a week my greatest delight was hearing someone say they felt kind of sick so I could whip out one of those puppies all slick-like. I'm gonna throw a couple of these in my purse and just wait for someone to say they'd love some iced green tea. I'll be all, "Oh, really?" and get that shit down their gullet before they even know what's what. Being prepared rules.

2. Hi Ball Energy drink

God, I am such a sucker for adorable packaging. I haven't tasted these yet, so they might be totally gross, but they are unsweetened which is a definite plus. My sweet tooth is basically nonexistent, unlike 98% of Americans (It's a fact. I checked. Okay, not really). Finding beverages that aren't either packing like 48 grams of pure sugar, or some sick Splenda-type whatever is nearly impossible, so I drink coffee and lemon water pretty much exclusively. I'll let you know if this guy gets added to the rotation, but even if they are gross, I might just keep one around to look at. So pretty!

Let me know if you have seen Zenergize anywhere in Seattle. I still totally want to try it.


Anonymous said...

that you use both "cute and/or tiny things" AND "taking care of business in a flash" as tags makes me love you all the more.

your brain is one of my favorite things.

Chelsea said...

i find that most of the things i spend time seriously thinking about falls into one or both of those categories.

Courtney said...

I just want to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog. I actually just added it to my Bookmark Toolbar. Thanks for posting on myspace when you've updated. That way, I don't forget to check.

Chelsea said...

awesome! i've always wanted to be on someone's toolbar.

Callie said...

Really?! Cus you're on mine too. I always knew I liked you, but I never quite knew how much until this blog. Heh.

Chelsea said...


awesome. today is so fun.

lovesmg88 said...

So have you tried the Hi*Ball drink yet? If so, how was it?