Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun with Google!

So, in the last post, I mentioned that image searching "thumbs up" was really fun, but it occurred to me later that this is an issue I feel deserves more attention. Not thumbs, but the fun that can be had with Google image search. Sometimes when I get bored, I image search words and phrases, and Voila! I'm not bored any more. (Google is not paying me for this, BTW, but they should be.) Like just now, I punched in "why is this so hard" and look what came up!

Thanks for the encouragement, Rosie!

Then I tried "what is hay?" and this is what I got:

Oh, I get it now!

I don't always ask questions. Sometimes I try to find emotions. Like "stoked."

I know exactly how he feels. For some reason, "stoked" pulled up a lot of gay porn. That happens to me a lot, because I always forget to turn on Safe Search. For a recent post, I tried to find an image to express giving up by searching "fuck it." I don't know why I was surprised at what it turned up. Sometimes I am such an innocent.

I also like to use Google Trends to entertain myself. This is where you can find out where the most people are searching for particular keywords. Like for example, here are the top 5 cities searching for "Fun":
1. Sydney, Australia

2. Melbourne, Australia

3. Chicago, IL, USA

4. Paris, France

5. Atlanta, GA, USA

I wonder if these people are trying to figure out what fun is? Or where fun is?

These are the top 10 cities trying to figure out "gaydar":
1. Watford, United Kingdom

2. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

3. Brentford, United Kingdom

4. Birmingham, United Kingdom

5. Reading, United Kingdom

6. Poplar, United Kingdom

7. Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

8. Manchester, United Kingdom

9. Sheffield, United Kingdom

10. Thames Ditton, United Kingdom

I am laughing too hard to make up a joke about that.


Caralee said...

i thought i was the only city searching gaydar! i laughed so hard at this post i peed a little in my undies.

Chelsea said...

i am so glad.