Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Missoni Home is Killin' My Life

My High School psychology teacher was the most mind-numbingly boring person I have ever encountered. He murdered what could have been the most interesting course on my syllabus with his quiet, monotone delivery. I remember one day I simply could not take it anymore, so I faked a coughing fit until he made me go sit in the hallway. I did take one thing away from that class, for which I will always be grateful. He showed us the Schizophrenia Cats. Do you know what I'm talking about? This schizophrenic dude, Louis Wain, painted cats, and as his condition worsened the cats he painted grew progressively more abstracted and awesome.

How gorgeous are those? I especially like the 3rd-6th paintings. I was reminded of these paintings recently while looking at pictures of Missoni's home collections.

Ugh, I just love it so hard. I want to put a piece of toast on that plate like you would not believe. Missoni also did a version of the Phillip Starck Ghost Chair that is absolutely ruining me right now.

Seriously. And then I saw this:

Fuuuuuuuuck!!! How fun would it be to have a living room that is, like, the visual equivalent of delicious popsicles!! This is my living room in my imaginary life where Landon is an architect and I write hilarious, touching, critically acclaimed short stories and we can totally afford gorgeous floor cushions that cost, like $2000 each.


Callie said...

You guys had Psych classes in High School? Lucky! Also, not to be a hater, but the syllabus isn't a schedule of your classes - it's the outline of what a Prof. plans to teach in each class.

Chelsea said...

actually, i was unsure of the word usage, so i double-checked and found that while the usage you mention is correct, it also means "a course of study leading to an academic degree", which is what i meant.

Callie said...

Consider me schooled. Also, have you seen this blog?

I think you would like it.

Freeman said...

That Missoni Home living room is immence!! Love it! One problem though....where's the TV!?!?!